Car Restoration

Waikato Sandblasting Services is experienced in sandblasting car bodies and chassis. We understand the delicacies of car restoration and the importance of delivering a proper job. Our staff are experienced in automotive finishing and panel beating. With expertise and leading products, Waikato Sandblasting Services can get the finish you’re looking for. 

Waikato Sandblasting Services operates a separate garnet-blasting booth and a specialised spray booth. Garnet blasting is the industry standard in car restoration, delivering a fine finish. 

We’re happy to discuss your project and answer any questions you have about garnet blasting. Call our team today. 

Complete Restoring Services 

The Waikato Sandblasting Services Te Rapa workshop carries 3 large paint booths, 1 garnet and 2 grit blasting booths to ensure we can cover most things needed for car restoration. 

Waikato Sandblasting Services can deliver top workmanship on location. Call us today to discuss your job, and how our experienced team can deliver to the specifications for your unique restoration project.

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