Transport & Equipment

Waikato Sandblasting Services has been the trusted name in transport and equipment sandblasting for years. 

Around the Waikato area our services have prevented much corrosion and helped get more years from equipment. 

Our farm equipment services include sandblasting cowshed concrete, rotary platforms, and farm machinery.


Well experienced in abrasive blasting & coating of new and used heavy equipment – from tipulators to house trailers – we recognise that turn-around on transport is as important as the  quality of the job. 

After completing well over 100 new & used transport trailers, we can offer a paint system that will last and withstand rugged NZ conditions. We will be happy to assess your requirements & provide an obligation free quote.

Earth Moving Equipment 

We have the capacity and are well experienced in abrasive blasting & coating of new and used heavy equipment – from a 1 tonne digger to an 80 tonne dump truck. We operate a separate garnet-blasting booth for transport & equipment and a specialised spray booth. 

With staff experienced in automotive finishing & panel beating, we can get the finish you’re looking for.

Farm Equipment

We can successfully coat your new or existing rotary platform with products to meet your requirements – long-lasting & maintenance free paint systems. Waikato Sandblasting has specialised in coating new & used farm machinery (such as Coombridge & Alexander).

Quality & quick turn-around are a priority. We can make your second-hand machinery look as good as NEW! 

Got a project that needs a high quality finish?

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